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Tower Bridge

A Guide

    ISBN: 978 1 78551 042 7

    Size: 190 x 190 mm (6½ x 6½ in.)

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 48

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    Date published: March, 2016

    UK £6.95 /US $9.95


  • Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks; this book provides a lively insight into its fascinating history
  • Featuring colourful characters and little-known facts that demonstrate new facets to a much-loved bridge


Arguably the most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge was built in the late nineteenth century and immediately acclaimed as a feat of Victorian engineering. Designed to ease road traffic while maintaining river access, it was constructed with giant moveable roadways that lift up for passing ships. It quickly became known as the ‘Wonder Bridge’.

Celebrating this truly iconic London structure, a focal point of the city and the River Thames, this book tells the story of the bridge and its design with a range of stunning historical and contemporary photos. The bridge’s history is brought to life with an array of fascinating facts (around 40,000 people cross the bridge every day) and colourful anecdotes (in 1952 the driver of a double decker bus managed to jump the 3-foot gap when the bridge began to open up as he was halfway over).

With a contemporary design and striking cover, this will be the perfect introduction to one of London’s most impressive sights.

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