The Semler Residence

A Unique Interior by Adolf Loos and Heinrich Kulka in Pilsen

Petr Domanický

    ISBN: 9781785514593

    Size: 190 x 165 mm

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 120

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    Date published: November, 2024

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A Unique Interior by Adolf Loos and Heinrich

Kulka in Pilsen


The Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen is one of the Czech Republic’s foremost institutions for exhibitions, collections and cultural preservation. With a diverse collection comprising more than 13,000 paintings, graphics and sculptural works of art, architectural designs, models, drawings and photographs, it is a cornerstone of artistic heritage. The gallery’s main exhibition spaces are housed within a former medieval meat market – one of the typical symbols of the city of Pilsen – and alongside three adjacent buildings, it not only accommodates exhibition and collection activities but facilitates research, restoration, library services, art promotion and international collaborations.

The Gallery of West Bohemia also manages the Semler Residence, which was created according to the modernist design of the world-renowned architect Adolf Loos, and realised after his death by his close associate and pupil Heinrich Kulka. Following a decade-long endeavour of careful restoration, Semler’s residence has now been opened to the public in a form that preserves its original essence, securing its place among the Czech Republic’s most important architectural interwar landmarks.

Author information

Petr Domanický is a curator of architecture at the Gallery of West Bohemia. Specialising in Adolf Loos’s work in Pilsen, he oversaw the Semler Residence’s restoration and exhibition concept.