The Scottish Parliament

Art Spaces

Charles Jencks

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 379 2

    Size: 110 x 165 mm / 6.5 x 4.3 in.

    Binding: softcover

    Pages: 64

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    Date published: February, 2005

    UK £5.95 /US $9.95


  • Part of Scala’s Art Spaces series
  • Features stunning photography of the controversial building and an entertaining text


This book explores the greatest building project in recent Scottish history – the new Scottish Parliament. Conceived by Enric Miralles of Barcelona, the building has already caused much controversy with the rich complexity of its design. It echoes not only upturned boats and a spray of green leaves connected by twigs but also when viewed from above, a shimmering shoal of fish. Despite delays, the Scottish Parliament has emerged a triumphant monument to its creator, Miralles, and to its champion, Donald Dewar, neither of whom lived to see their project come to fruition. An undeniable landmark, with some of the strangest and most beautifully wrought public interiors in Britain, it also features complex timber roofs, saltires in concrete, intricately crafted inglenooks, light-flooded foyers and a vesica-shaped debating chamber. Opposed to the usual confrontational assembly layout, its shallow curves encourage intelligent debate and consensus. With superb photography, this is a fascinating account of a new construction in Scottish identity.

Author information

Charles Jencks is a lecturer, writer and designer who has worked in the UK, USA and Europe. He is currently working with Cern on an iconographic and green project.