The National Palace, Sintra

Jos̩ Custodio Viera da Silva

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 181 1

    Size: 274 x 196 mm / 7.7 x 10.8 in.

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 128

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    Date published: January, 2001

    UK £14.95 /US $29.95


  • Part of Scala’s prestigious series on Portugal’s most important historical monuments
  • Provides a beautifully illustrated tour of the palace


This book is part of a series of seven titles, to be published over a period of four years. The series will explore some of the most important historic monuments in Portugal, all of which have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1983. Colour photographs, original drawings and plans especially commissioned for this book complement the informative and lively text. Built over many hundreds of years, the National Palace of Sintra is one of Portugal’s most important royal palaces. A remarkable blend of architectural styles gives the building a rich and enigmatic atmosphere. The book includes an illustrated tour of the principal rooms and surrounding grounds, highlighting key aspects of the building’s architecture and decoration. Beautifully conveying the sumptuous glories of the palace, this book will appeal to those interested in Portuguese, European Medieval, Baroque and neo-classical art, architecture and decoration. It will also fascinate students of Portuguese history, interior designers and decorators, as well as visitors to the site itself.

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