The Canterbury Tales

Illustrated Prologue

Geoffrey Chaucer, edited by Michael Alexander

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 113 2

    Size: 225 x 170 mm / 6.7 x 8.9 in.

    Binding: hardcover

    Pages: 64

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    Date published: January, 1999

    UK £6.95 /US $12.95


  • Fully illustrated with miniatures from the Ellesmere manuscript
  • End notes provide all the information needed to understand the text


The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales contains the most vivid and familiar passages from medieval English literature. Chaucer’s pilgrims form a complete cross-section of the society of his day from the Monk and Merchant, the Doctor and Lawyer, through to the outrageous Miller and the corrupt Summoner. This illustrated edition of the Prologue features miniatures taken from the Ellesmere manuscript, and closely adheres to the authentic text of Chaucer. Explanatory notes by Michael Alexander provide all the information necessary for a complete understanding of the work.

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