St Etheldreda’s

Ely Place

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    Binding: paperback

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    Date published: June, 2013

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  • An attractive short guide to St Etheldreda’s church at Ely Place in London.
  • Contains new photography of the restored church building and its treasures.


The present-day church dedicated to St Etheldreda is the surviving chapel of the London palace of the bishops of Ely, located in Holborn. After the Reformation, the condition of the palace deteriorated, until it was demolished in the 1770s, when the chapel, the sole surviving palace building, was altered to accord with Georgian taste. By the Victorian period the chapel was surrounded by slums, and its condition was lamented by those with an interest in London’s ancient buildings. It was purchased for the Institute of Charity (Rosminians) and returned to the Catholic faith. The first Mass was said in 1876 and a thriving community soon grew up around St Etheldreda’s. During the Second World War it was hit by a bomb, which destroyed what was left of the stained glass. The damage was repaired and stunning, modern glass installed.

We owe the beauty and special atmosphere of the present-day chapel to the bishops of Ely and its medieval builders, and to the many people who designed and funded the church’s restoration in the 1870s and 1940–60s.

This book contains a comprehensive overview of the history of the church and beautiful illustrations of the building and its glasswork.

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