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Sheffield Cathedral

    ISBN: 978 1 78551 112 7

    Size: 240 x 172 mm

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 32

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    Date published: June, 2018

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The first St Peter’s in Sheffield was founded in Norman times, as the parish church of a new town, and a church has stood here at the heart of the growing city for over 900 years. In 1914 it became the cathedral of the new diocese of Sheffield, reflecting the city’s nineteenth-century transformation into a major industrial centre. The oldest building in Sheffield still in daily use, the cathedral’s story is closely entwined with that of the city it serves. Today this newly refurbished and inviting space welcomes all visitors and offers something for everyone, whether heritage information and guided tours, a quiet place for reflection and prayer, or coffee and cakes in the 1554 Gallery. This short tour and souvenir guide offers a beautifully illustrated and accessible introduction to Sheffield Cathedral – a place for all people.

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