London 1000 Years

Treasures from the Collections of the City of London

David Pearson

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 699 1

    Size: 280 x 240 mm / 9.5 x 11 in.

    Binding: Hardback

    Pages: 160

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    Date published: December, 2011

    UK £35 /US $65


  • Tells the history of London through a selection of 100 important items from the documentary and graphic collections of the City of London


Drawing on the remarkably rich documentary and graphic collections of the City of London, this unique survey tells the history of London and its role on the wider national and world stage, through a selection of 100 treasures. These may be iconic items connected with famous people or important moments in history, such as William I’s confirmation of the City’s liberties, issued in 1067, or the City’s copy of Magna Carta, issued in 1297; or they may be less obviously remarkable items that offer a unique insight into aspects of London life, such as trade cards, plans for the Thames Barrier or Elizabeth David’s annotated cookery books. This beautifully produced book is arranged in five sections: the National and World Stage; the Engine of Finance; London Life; Growth and Renewal; the Arts and Sciences. Each section opens with an introductory text that is followed by scholarly entries on individual items. It will appeal to readers interested in the history of the City (and London more generally) as well as in books, documents and art.

Author information

David Pearson is Director of Libraries, Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery for the City of London and has previously worked in several major academic and research libraries. He has an extensive record of lecturing and publishing.