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Lincoln Castle

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 968 8

    Size: 210 x 220 mm (8¾ x 8¼ in.)

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 48

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    Date published: August, 2017

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  • A new guidebook to the transformed castle
  • Lincoln Castle is one of the grandest Norman castles in England and has continuing historical importance


Lincoln Castle is one of the most important buildings in the East Midlands and one of the grandest Norman castles in England. It is unusual in having two keeps and a complete curtain wall, and its highly strategic position has given it a continuing historical importance. The site of battles and sieges, and some complicated medieval wheeling and dealing, it was also a major centre of administration and justice, containing a former prison building and a working Crown Court. It also houses one of the four surviving exemplars from 1215 of that crucial historical document, Magna Carta.

Invasion and rebellion; formidable women and disputed claims; the importance and unreliability of royal favour; and, above all, the everyday administration of justice, with the moving stories that this gives rise to: all these take their places in the ongoing story of Lincoln Castle.

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