History in the Making

2011 Renwick Craft Invitational

Nicholas R. Bell, Ulysses Grant Dietz, Andrew Wagner

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 703 5

    Size: 305 x 230 mm / 9 x 12 in.

    Binding: softcover

    Pages: 104

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    Date published: July, 2011

    UK £12.95 /US $24.95


  • The only book to accompany the most prestigious juried craft competition in the US, showing from 25 March to 31 July 2011
  • Features exemplary works in silver, wood, ceramic and stained glass


History in the Making: 2011 Renwick Craft Invitational features works by four extraordinary artists who explore the deep roots of contemporary American craft and decorative arts. Ubaldo Vitali, a fourth-generation silversmith and master conservator of historic silver, uses classical techniques learned in the guilds of Rome to create luminous works for popes, kings and presidents. Cliff Lee, a neurosurgeon by training, creates elegant porcelain vessels with the exactitude of a doctor, often using his knowledge of chemistry to recreate medieval Chinese glazes long thought lost to history. Judith Schaechter brings a wealth of knowledge about traditional stained-glass practice to her moody, innovative windows, which reflect diverse influences, from gothic art to punk rock. Matthias Pliessnig combines traditional boat- building techniques and 3-D design technology to create seating furniture out of steam-bent oak strips that may have up to 7,000 points of contact without aid of hardware. The Renwick Craft Invitational is a biennial exhibition series established in 2000 to honour the creativity and talent of craft artists working today. History in the Making is the fifth presentation in the series.

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