Henan Museum

Zhang Wenjun

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    Date published: March, 2010

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  • Explores key aspects of the museum’s history and architecture
  • Guides readers through the vast galleries and displays which make the Henan Museum second only, in wealth of artistic and historical finds, to the Palace Museum in Beijing


The Henan Museum, in Zhengzhou City, is one of China’s oldest museums – a key museum with modern displays and exhibitions, modernised equipment and a unique architecture. The province of Henan is situated in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Its ancient name is Zhongzhou, or central region, in the cradle of ancient Chinese civilisation. The result of many years of excavation in the province have contributed to one of the great and most representative collections of early Chinese art and culture, with a wealth of examples of all kinds of ancient art objects, ancient architecture and crafts. It is second only in wealth of artistic and historical finds to the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Author information

Zhang Wenjun is Director of the Henan Museum.