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The Cleveland Museum of Art

Mary Hoerner, Jeffrey Strean and Leslie Cade

    ISBN: 978 1 78551 050 2

    Size: 254 x 254 mm (10 x 10 in.)

    Binding: Hardback

    Pages: 112

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    Date published: September, 2016

    UK £19.95 /US $29.95


  • The latest in a succession of well-received books about the Cleveland Museum of Art published by Scala
  • The first book to really explore the wonderful gardens surrounding the museum


The Cleveland Museum of Art is located in a parklike setting with other cultural and educational institutions. Built on land given by one of the museum’s major donors, the museum opened to the public in 1916. The foreground of this majestic white marble structure, however, was a long-neglected parcel of land with a small lake owned by the City of Cleveland. In the 1920s the Garden Club of Cleveland took on the job of transforming this blighted plot into a garden everyone could enjoy. Mary Hoerner presents the history of the Fine Arts Garden, and Jeffrey Strean discusses the development of the museum’s grounds since the 1930s as well as plans for the future. This lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed book presents a new aspect of the history of a distinguished institution.

Author information

Mary Hoerner is a landscape historian based in the Cleveland area. Jeffrey Strean is the director of Design and Architecture at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Leslie Cade is the Archivist and Records Manager at the Cleveland Museum of Art.