Ely Cathedral

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    Date published: April, 2008

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  • Fully illustrated with 70 images


Rising majestically above the fens of East Anglia, Ely Cathedral dominates the landscape for miles around. This awe-inspiring church was built shortly after the Norman Conquest (AD 1081–1189), replacing an earlier Saxon Church dating from AD 673, which was founded as a monastery by St Etheldreda. This wonderfully illustrated souvenir guide tells the story of Ely Cathedral, from its Saxon beginnings until its restoration during the Victorian period and the late twentieth century. Key features include the Ely Octagon, the Lady Chapel, the magnificent painted nave ceiling, the National Stained Glass Museum and the Processional Way. This guide also explains the meaning and symbolism of its interior, and features artworks commissioned in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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