Designmuseum Danmark: Director’s Choice

Anne-Louise Sommer

    ISBN: 9781785514579

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    Pages: 80

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    Date published: March, 2024

    Date published: March, 2024

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The Designmuseum Denmark was founded in 1890 and is the country’s national museum for design and handicrafts as well as the Archive for Danish Design and a graduate and research library.
The museum has an extensive collection from the West, with a focus on Danish handicrafts and design, spanning from the beginning of our era to the present day. In addition, there are significant collections from East Asia, especially China and Japan.
With around 300,000 visitors a year, the museum places a high priority on learning at all levels, with increasing interest, nationally and internationally, as it continues to innovate and contribute to the broad development of society.

Author information

Anne-Louise Sommer has been the general director at Designmuseum Danmark since 2011 and adjunct professor at University of Southern Denmark, department of design culture and design history since 2012. She has held positions within the field of design history and art history at Danish universities, and from 2004-2011 she was first head of research and later rector for The Royal Academy, School of Design. She has published extensively within the field of design and architecture including the books:The Copenhagen Operahouse – Cultural History – The Project – The Architecture (2005), Kaare Klint (2007), Dansk Arkitektur (2009) and Watercolors by Finn Juhl (2016).