Centre Pompidou

Art Spaces

Philippe Bidaine

    ISBN: 978 2 86656 227 4

    Size: 110 x 165 mm / 6.5 x 4.25 in.

    Binding: softcover

    Pages: 64

    In association with:

    Date published: June, 2006

    UK £4.95 /US $7.95


  • Latest title in Scala’s Art Spaces series
  • Traces the story of the centre’s rise to prominence


Anchored in the heart of Paris like a strange blue, green, yellow and red liner, the Pompidou Centre has become totally absorbed into the city’s urban fabric – but how did this unashamedly contemporary building become such a familiar and accepted sight? Beginning with a history of the Beaubourg district, a place of intense artistic activity from the Middle Ages onwards, this skilfully designed little book traces the story of how Renzo Piano’s and Richard Rogers’ bold project has become one of the world’s most popular cultural attractions. After two years, a completely refurbished Pompidou Centre was unveiled on 1 January 2000, revealing a building more ready than ever to take up the challenges of modernity.

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