Brancusi’s Endless Column Ensemble

Târgu-Jiu, Romania

Ernest Beck (ed.)

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 436 2

    Size: 278 x 204 mm / 11 x 8 in.

    Binding: softcover

    Pages: 80

    In association with:

    Date published: July, 2007

    UK £8.95 /US $14.95


  • Published in association with the World Monuments Fund


The Endless Column Complex by famed Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi has been hailed as one of the great works of twentieth-century open-air art. Erected in 1934, it is composed of the 30-metre-high Endless Column and two stone monuments, the Gate of the Kiss and the Table of Silence. This beautifully illustrated volume celebrates the history of this remarkable artwork and tells the story of its recent restoration, landscaping and presentation using the World Monuments Fund’s photographic images and excellent resources of information.

Author information

Ernest Beck is a New York-based freelance writer and editor. Formerly at The Wall Street Journal, he has been widely published in The New York Times and other arts magazines. Sorana Georgescu-Gorjan, born in Romania, is the curator of the Endless Column archives and editor of the Târgu Jiu journals: Brancusi and Portal Maiastra. She has also authored many books on Brancusi. Richard Newton practised as an architect in the UK prior to moving to the US. He has been a landscape architect with the Olin Partnership since 1993, and managed the landscape restoration of this project. Alexandra Parigoris is Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Fine Arts, History of Art and Cultural Studies, at the University of Leeds. She has taught at Queens University in Canada, and at the Universities of York and of Leeds, where she was a Henry Moore Fellow. Mihai Radu was born in Romania and moved to the US in the 1980s. A successful architect, he eventually become a founding partner of the practice Lauster & Radu Architects (now known as Radu Architects). William Tucker, born in Cairo, spent most of his early life the UK. After studying sculpture in London, he moved to New York in the 1970s. He has since built on his success as a widely acclaimed sculptor, with exhibitions in the US and abroad.