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Treasures from the Cleveland Museum of Art

David Franklin, C. Griffith Mann

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 767 7

    Size: 305 x 267 mm / 10.5 x 12 in.

    Binding: hardback

    Pages: 352

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    Date published: September, 2012

    UK £39.95 /US $60


  • Treasures of the Cleveland Museum of Art is the most comprehensive book avaliable on this distinguished collection
  • The book has been published in advance of the long-awaited completion of the museum’s expansion project due December 2013


The Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for the quality and breadth of its collection, which includes more than 40,000 objects and spans 6,000 years of achievement in the arts. Published to celebrate the closing stages of a long-term renovation and expansion, this exquisitely illustrated volume features treasures from the museum’s deep and wide-reaching collection including Asian Art, African Art, American Painting and Sculpture, European Painting and Sculpture, Medieval Art, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Near East and Greek and Roman Art, Islamic Art, Art of the Ancient Americas, Drawings, Prints, Photography, Decorative Art and Design, Textiles, Modern Art, and Contemporary Art. Each department features masterpieces including liturgical objects from the famed Guelph Treasure, Japanese screens from the Kamakura through Edo periods, River and Mountains on a Clear Autumn Day by Dong Qichang, The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew by Caravaggio, Cupid and Psyche by Jacques-Louis David, Stag at Starkey’s by George Bellows, The Dream by Salvador Dalí, and La Vie by Pablo Picasso, among countless others. Featuring new, accessibly written scholarship by the curatorial staff, Treasures of the Cleveland Museum of Art will be the definitive resource on this world-renowned collection, and essential for all those interested in art history.

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Author information

David Franklin was named the ninth director of the Cleveland Museum of Art in 2010. A renowned expert in the Italian Renaissance and baroque periods, he is a native of Canada and previously served as the deputy director and chief curator of the National Gallery of Art in Ottawa.