National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic: Director’s Choice

Nad'a Goryczková

    ISBN: 9781785514616

    Size: 190 x 165

    Binding: paperback

    Pages: 96

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    Date published: September, 2024

    UK £12.95 /US $


  • Explores 40 curated Czech heritage sites, spanning medieval to modern architecture
  • Uncovers the rich history of the Czech Republic’s aristocratic residencies, monastic complexes and modern wonders
  • Features UNESCO-listed treasures


The National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic is the leading professional institution for heritage care in the Czech Republic. It manages over a hundred historic buildings and their grounds – castles, chateaux, monasteries, churches, industrial sites, garden complexes and other places. In this engaging book, the general director of the National Heritage Institute, Nad’a Goryczková, guides the reader through the most important of the richly preserved cultural buildings in Bohemia and Moravia.

She presents a wide range of architecture from medieval castles, Renaissance and Baroque residences to Neoclassical and Romanticism-inspired nineteenth-century mansions, together with stories of their founders, owners and designers. All of these places have wellpreserved historical interiors, extensive collections of art and historical furniture and an impressive selection of objects associated with everyday life over many centuries.

Author information

Nad’a Goryczková became the Director of the National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic in 2003 and its general director in 2008. Renowned for her focus on twentieth-century architecture, she has received accolades for her significant contributions to heritage conservation in the Czech Republic.