Aspects of America: The American Museum in Britain

Sandra Barghini

    ISBN: 978 1 85759 438 6

    Size: 228 x 152 mm / 6 x 9 in.

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 64

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    Date published: January, 2007

    UK £4.95 /US $9.95


  • An introduction to key aspects of American history and culture
  • Beautifully illustrated, with an engaging text


This wonderfully illustrated book offers a concise overview of American history and culture. Written by a former Director of one of the most extensive collections on this subject, Aspects of America: The American Museum in Britain spans American history from its early settlers to the twentieth century, drawing on the vast array of objects on show at the museum. The North American Indians, the Great Awakening in the 1740s, nineteenth-century explorers, the Spanish Empire in the New World, the China trade, the Shakers, Folk Art – all these important landmarks in the development of America are brought to life by the paintings, furniture, maps, quilts, silver, glass, folk art and decorative art housed in this unique museum. The history of America is broad, wide and deep, but this book offers a concise overview and a glimpse into the extraordinary collections at The American Museum in Britain.

Author information

Sandra Barghini is a former Director of The American Museum in Britain, Bath, and author of several books and articles on American history.