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National Museum in Warsaw JUNE 2016

Director's Choice

The National Museum in Warsaw houses a monumental collection of objects, ranging from a mysterious bull’s head mask – from West Iran, thousands of years old, made from filigree gold; clearly the work of a master craftsman but of unknown purpose and origin – to a dramatic rendition of the battle of Grunwald (by Jan Matejko, 1878), depicting men and horses snarled together in battle, mud frothing up around ankles, weapons glinting in the sun and smoke like dragon-breath billowing towards the heavens. 

The institution is distinguished by its spectacular collection of Polish paintings (in the Gallery of 19th Century Art); a magnificent set of medieval sacral exhibits from Central Europe (housed in the Gallery of Medieval Art) and unique collection of Early Christian art from Sudan unearthed by Polish archeologists (Faras Gallery).  It celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, and is currently undergoing a comprehensive modernization programme.

Agnieska Morawinksa has been the director of the National Museum in Warsaw since 2010. In Director’s Choice: The National Museum in Warsaw she discusses fifty of the objects from the collection, providing an intimate insight into a remarkable collection.