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Lichfield Cathedral MAY 2016

A Journey of Discovery

One thousand three hundred years ago Lichfield Cathedral stood at the centre of the Kingdom of Mercia; it stands still, spires reaching into the sky, at the heart of England, an abiding symbol of the impact Christianity has had on our heritage.  

This is a cathedral that has developed organically, shaped by history, conflict and people, growing and changing as the world around it grew and changed. The cathedral’s proud history began in 669 with St Chad’s anointment as Bishop of Mercia; it survived the damage and iconoclasm of the bloody English Civil War; and was restored to medieval glory in the nineteenth century by Sir George Gilbert Scott. Testament to this complex story is the Head Chapel, built to house the mummified head of St Chad; and the vibrant scarlet and shining white roses, symbolising the blood sacrifice of Christ and the virtue of the Virgin.

Written by Dr Jonathan Foyle, an architectural historian and broadcaster this gloriously illustrated book follows on from his two previous studies of English cathedrals, Lincoln and Canterbury. He is the perfect guide to an extraordinary monument, bringing the history to life with clear, beautiful prose. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in Britain’s great medieval architecture, or the rich history of Britain’s magnificent cathedrals.