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Flying Scotsman's Inaugural Voyage FEBRUARY 2016

The 'World's Most Famous Train' travels from London to York

 The Flying Scotsman has always been one for a glamorous voyage, so it seems fitting that its inaugural trip from London to York was delayed by hordes of overenthusiastic fans. The train was held up for fifteen minutes due to photographers clambering on the tracks, hoping to get a golden shot of the train flying by. 

The engine was retired from service in 1963. A decade-long, £4.2 million refit has cumulated in a scene rich with nostalgia: the sleek green shape billowing smoke through England’s countryside, bridges along the way crowded with more sensible fans who chose to snap photos from a safe distance. Of course, the event did not run smoothly for all: one poor spectator had his view ruined by another train rushing past at precisely the wrong moment. 

The Flying Scotsman’s arrival in York is the start of a series of events to celebrate this truly unique piece of British heritage.  The National Railway Museum has put on a spectacular array of events, from a night of 1920s-themed cocktails to a talk from the curator Andrew Mclean about his upcoming book  The Flying Scotsman: Speed, Style, Service, published by Scala. 

The Flying Scotsman tells the story of the train and its place in British history. It combines engaging text with beautiful images, including much previously unpublished material. Opening it up is to step into the fascinating world of a train that resonates throughout the ages, embodying both technological advance and old-school elegance.