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Harry Potter and the Flying Scotsman FEBRUARY 2016

J.K Rowling inspired by the 'World's Most Famous Train'

Andrew McLean, Head Curator of the National Railway Museum in York and the author of one of Scala’s newest titles, The Flying Scotsman: Speed, Style, Service, has discovered a link between ‘The World’s Most Famous Train’ and a character in the world of Harry Potter.

‘It is interesting to note that Doris Crockford is […] the name of a character in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, which are themselves noted for a named express train that departs Kings Cross from a set platform at a set time,’ McLean writes in Speed, Style, Service. The real Doris Crockford’s illustrated book for children, The Flying Scotsman, was first published in 1937 with much success – while the fictional witch Doris Crockford greets Harry Potter on his first visit to the Leaky Cauldron pub in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
The Flying Scotsman, which travelled between Kings Cross Station in London and Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, undoubtedly evokes the Hogwarts Express, which departs from Kings Cross for its journey up to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry in the Scottish Highlands. 
McLean’s research into the history, technology and legacy of The Flying Scotsman is published in The Flying Scotsman: Speed, Style, Service, on general sale in April 2016. The book is a celebration of the train’s eagerly anticipated restoration and return to the tracks this year. It accompanies a ‘Scotsman Season’ of exhibitions and events at the National Railway Museum from February to September.