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The Guardian describes Cosmonauts as 'the best exhibition to visit over the holidays' DECEMBER 2015

'A spectacular display of some of the most important relics of humanity’s obsession with space'

Britain has been gripped by space fever following astronaut Tim Peake's launch to the International Space Station. If you found that fascinating, then you should visit the Science Museum's exhibition Cosmonauts, according to an article in The Guardian by Jonathan Jones, who recommends it as 'the best exhibition to visit over the holidays in London':

'When astronaut Tim Peake blasted off into space in time for Christmas, he went in a Soyuz rocket, from the very launch pad Yuri Gagarin used to become the first human being in space in 1961.

'It was not really a triumph for Britain, but for Russia. If seeing Peake soar into orbit in Russian cosmonaut technology with echoes of the Soviet era whetted your appetite for Sputnik and space dogs, or if your kids are into space, or if you want to see one of the most impressive collections of space-age artefacts ever assembled in Britain, the best exhibition to visit over the holidays is Cosmonauts at the Science Museum in London.

'This strangely lyrical and moving show tells the story of the Russian space programme from the sci-fi dreams of artists such as Kasimir Malevich in the early 20th century right through to living on the ISS today. It combines gobsmacking pieces of heavy-duty technology with touching details about the cosmonauts (and dogs and monkeys) who heroically sent Soviet society beyond the stratosphere.'
The full article is here.
Scala produced the exhibition catalogue for the Science Museum. It is proving very popular and has already reprinted.